Hello, my name is Nataliya Poshyvaylo and I am the director and founder of Beyond Tours.


I was born in Poltava, a city situated in the central part of Ukraine and famous for its Cossacks history, pottery and traditional folk songs. My family comes from the old township of Opishne approx. 40km from Poltava. Opishne is the unofficial capital of ceramic art in Ukraine. My grandparents were well known potters. They had a private museum of antiques and primitive art and a small studio where I had the privilege of seeing how a simple lump of grey clay is transformed into a ceramic masterpiece by the hand of my grandfather and then became a shining and colourful piece of art skilfully painted by my grandmother.


I've grown up aware and proud of my country's history and its people. I have had the great pleasure of meeting many artists, historians, writers and visitors from Ukraine and from all over the world.


I came to New Zealand on a working holiday in 1997. I met a great man, my husband - Paul Towler and together we had the vision of introducing Ukraine to the overseas travellers. This idea came to us in early 2000 after our first trip to Ukraine. Paul was overwhelmed with a very positive experience. In the many ways it was an eye opener for him. On our return we decided to start our company to offer New Zealanders the unique experience of all the unexplored beauties and culture of Ukraine.


Beyond Tours is a first and only company in New Zealand offering, personalised all inclusive fully escorted tours to Ukraine.

Should you travel with us, you'll remember admiring numerous architectural marvels, natural reserves and parks in every place you visit. The uniqueness of the some these places will leave you speechless. Think, where on Earth can see something like this?


Not only will you be fascinated by Ukraine, but you'll most likely make a new friend while travelling in a small group of like minded people.


lets share together a journey of a lifetime!