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Ukrainian Visa Application Form Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1 - Fill in the Application

Enter the following details into the required fields:

  1. Current nationality - Select your current nationality as shown in you Passport e.g. New Zealand
  2. Main purpose of the journey - Select Tourism.
  3. State - Select Australia. This is the closet Ukraine Consulate to New Zealand
  4. Consular office - Select EU in Australia. This means Embassy of Ukraine in Australia
  5. View unit schedule - Click the View unit schedule button and pick a date two weeks into the future. Then select an available time slot. This isn't required for the Ukrainian Embassy in Australia, however it is REQUIRED to completed the form. Once you have selected a Date and Time, then click Close

Click Next to continue.

Step 2 - Name and Logon Details

Enter the following details into the required fields:

  1. Language - Select English. Other languages available are German, Spanish, French, Russian and Ukrainian.
  2. Surname - Enter your Surname as shown in your passport
  3. Name - Enter your First Name and given names as shown in your passport
  4. E-mail address - Specify and e-mail address to receive communications
  5. Type of travel document - Select Ordinary passport.
  6. Number of travel document - Enter your Passport Number.
  7. Password - Choose a Password, which will be used to logon and edit or check the status of your application..
  8. Confirm password - Re-enter the password you choose to confirm..
  9. Not a robot? - Enter into the blank field available, the combination of letters and/or numbers seen in the cycling image that is displayed.
  10. Conditions - If you agree to their conditions, check the box to the left of I have read and accept the above information.

Click the Fill in Application button to continue.

Step 3 - Filling in the Form

Ensure you take note of your Application Number. You'll need to use it later to logon and edit or check the status of your application

  1. Photo is required - Upload a Passport sized photo (30x40 mm) where indicated. You can select a photo from your computer, or use the camera on your computer to take a photo. It may take a few minutes to upload the photo. A screen should appear to allow you to modify/crop the picture. When finished, click Save

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Step 4 - Next Steps

When an indication of your Application has been saved is shown and the Date and Time you picked earlier is shown, click Sign in to continue.

  1. Your Application has been sent - Confirmation will be displayed, showing your application has been sent. A confirmation email will also be sent to you. Ensure you following the instructions is the email.
  2. Download and Sign - Your Application Form will automatically Download to your computer. If it doesn't open automatically, look in your Downloads folder, open it and confirm every thing is correct. Then, sign and date the Form.
  3. Documents - Go back to the Beyond Tours website. It will be already open in a different window or tab in your browser. Following the instructions for Step 5 - Sending & Retrieving Your Documents

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